Het COVID19 virus heeft naast de vreselijke impact op onze samenleving ook een grote impact op de economie. Dit Inc. artikel laat zien hoe McDonalds zich aanpast aan deze unieke crisis. Door hun aanbod en operatie te simplificeren blijven ze succesvol. Ook met een beperkte bezetting en lange rijen voor hun Drive In’s. Wat kunnen jullie versimpelen in je aanbod?

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Simplify your production.

If you’re thinking of ways to streamline your business, are there product offerings that take up more than their share of resources? Those might be the ones to target first.

Streamline distribution.

Fewer choices should mean a faster customer experience, provided McDonald’s is confident that it won’t destroy its own sales in the process.

This should be a part of your thought process as well. Can you eliminate some customer decisions without further hurting sales as a result of the pandemic?

This is key for many businesses: The more you can keep serving your clients and customers, even if you have to reduce some of your offerings, the less opportunity you give competitors to intrude on their habits.

Scaling back your goods and service offerings, and especially conserving resources when demand might be lighter, can position you to take advantage of the new landscape on the other side of the crisis.


Written by hooghe

Global Business Director at DSM Engineering Plastics - building lasting B2B partnerships - founder of OUTNR.com and MAAKLAND.com